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Mag, I can't even IMAGINE leaving my infant for so long, so early.... hell, so long. I wasn't apart for so long from any of mine before they were two.

BUT-I think for her, it's a matter of complete trust. She and I, well, it was just the two of us for 6 years before I married Maca. We have a different bond than just mother/daughter.

Ironically-I have a trip planned for two weeks later this year and then the two months with Maca next year. I told Maca not long ago, that I'd rather buy her a plane ticket to come up and babysit while GG's at work, than leave the kids with someone else while he's at work and we're gone.
SO, I guess the feeling is mutual.

I'm so excited that she's going to be home Saturday!! I'm sure in a week I'll be whining about babies interrupting my school work time; but for now-I'm just excited to see them again!!
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