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My current avatar is of a statue sculpted in the 18th century. It is a work of art. If you visit my profile you will see an album with the full statue pictured. It is of a satyr and nymph, two mythical creatures. It is not meant to represent poly; it represents me and my love of classical art. Prior to that my avatar was of a big red apple with a heart carved out of it, representing me living in NYC (the Big Apple). The images greeting me on that website were a close-up of a bare ass and a hand holding a condom, and another of many hands groping a woman's breasts. Not art.

But my questioning the imagery was not about aesthetic taste. The point was that the images that were there (which I believe have now been changed, but I don't know since it's been a while since I visited that site) were all about sex. And since many polyamorists usually try to emphasize the love part and wind up trying to fight the image of poly being all about sex, due to so many confusing poly with swinging and so on, I thought those images were a tad detrimental to creating a positive face of what poly is. So I questioned it. So did some others. Big whoop.

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Don't judge people !
I wasn't judging anyone. I simply asked if that was how the site's creator thought of poly, and whether the graphics used were the best choice in representing poly on the internet. In truth, I didn't give a fuck if they stayed or went..
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