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The reason why he's sneaking is because at this point we've made such a strong connection, we feel like we need to be together more than she's allowing and her trying to hold us to every few months is not enough for us. But he believes the longer we see each other, and she sees that she's not going to lose him, the more comfortable she will become. I know it's wrong, but we are allowed to see each other and their marriage IS open, we're just seeing each other more often than she wants right now. I don't know. Maybe I'm justifying what we're doing because we both really want to be together. It's a tough situation. He said if his wife told him not to see me anymore at all, he wouldn't be able to just stop seeing me. We talk online every day, email 20 times a day. She knows we're in contact, but not quite that much. I do feel like I'm enabling cheating, but on the other hand, she allowed it and then pulled the rug out from under us.
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