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Metropolis, a 1927 silent German Expressionist/Art Deco science fiction film. Just gorgeous, and sexy, and recently almost miraculously restored to its full length of about 2 1/2 hours, as it was cut to 1 1/2 hours almost as soon as it was released. The musical soundtrack makes you forget you're watching a silent film.

You can see by the images below, this film was an influence on such modern movies as Bladerunner, The Fifth Element and Star Wars.

Also, Queen used images from it in their video, Radio Gaga.

Imagine the surreal fantasy of Tim Burton mixed with the obsessive detail of Stanley Kubrick, the dystopian layering of Ridley Scott, and the technical innovation of George Lucas. James Cameron might be King of the World today, but he inherited the throne from Fritz Lang.
from Wiki

The film is set in the massive, sprawling futuristic mega-city Metropolis, where society is divided into two classes: one of planners and management, who live high up in luxurious skyscrapers; and one of workers, who live and toil underground. The city was founded, built, and is run by the autocratic Joh Fredersen. Like all the other sons of the managers of Metropolis, Fredersen's son Freder lives a life of luxury. One day, as he is cavorting in the Eternal Gardens, he notices that a beautiful girl has appeared with many children of the workers. She is quickly shooed away, but Freder becomes infatuated with her and follows her down to the workers' underworld. There, he experiences first-hand the horrors of the workers' life...

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