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Default Rookie with a Problem

I kinda skipped the introduction thing. Oops!! Anyway, I'm a 38 yr old man who's been experimenting with poly for 2 months or so now. My girlfriend and I met a super cool couple and both of us (couples) were interested in starting a poly quad. We chatted online for a 7 weeks before we met. Went out to dinner and had a great time. I wasn't particularly physically attracted to the other woman but she was a wonderful conversationalist and a great person in general so I wasn't to bothered by first. The first night we were all together it was alright. I had some performance issues but I chalked it up to nerves. The next night however, it became clear to me that the real problem is that i'm just not physically attracted to her like i need to be to have a satisfying sexual relationship. The REAL bummer is that my girlfriend feels 180 degrees different. She feels as though she's fallen in love with them and I take her at her word. She's now asked me if it's ok with me if she goes and plays with them without me. My rational mind knows they aren't gonna try and "steal" her from me and they are truly kind and caring folks. She's gonna love me just as much if she sleeps with them. But there's something holding me back and I'm not sure what. Is her request unreasonable? Am I being unreasonable by not being ok with her doing it? I know part of me is simply jealous of the fact that it worked out for her and not for me. But the other part is that we went into this together and now I feel like the laws have changed because she's in love...

Please advise!!
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