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How odd. Call me cynical, but I again sense someone with a cuckolding fetish. ("Oh her lover is so huge, I am so small and inadequate!" It's a humiliation thing.)

Womens' vaginas are made to expand and contract to accommodate anything from a finger/tampon to a 10 pound baby. I've had plenty of sex with multiple partners in the same week, from a thick 8 or 9 incher down to a medium thickness 4 1/2 incher... with no difference in my vagina being able to expand or contract to envelope either size penis comfortably and erotically.

Vaginas don't "stretch." If they did, my 10'2" firstborn would've made it impossible for me to keep a tampon in post-pregnancy! I find frequent sex/masturbation keeps my vaginal muscles so toned, I don't need to do Kegels. I can get tight enough when I cum to pull a condom right off! I need to be careful sometimes, heh.
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