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Originally Posted by kingtone View Post
........As I said I am new to this, but I also knew that there would be bumps and hang ups along the way and I was just wondering how other people managed it. As I said I love her and I want her to be happy and I realise that her husband and her life outside of me makes her happy.

Thank you again GS
Your welcome very much. NP

One thing - whether you've considered it or not - that could help a lot is integration.
Depending on how she and her hubby (and his other) are structuring and navigating this, there may be opportunities for you all to be together.

How do you get along with her husband ? Are you guys comfortable being around each other ?

The more you can integrate all your lives the more time you'll be able to be together. This is the "ideal" of course and everyone gets to various levels of this. For some it's practically nothing, for others it's truly a communal 'marriage' (in the general sense of the term). But definitely, the more you all have in common and can be drawn together on, the more time you spend together.

Now this isn't "private" time (i.e. sexual time?). But I didn't assume that was what you were referring to. That's a whole different subject. If that IS what you are wishing for let us all know because the discussion changes.

Glad to have you on board. Don't be shy.

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