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I am 5'6" but I like to tell myself I am 5'7" - I hate feeling short

Long-ish hair, past my shoulders, currently a vibrant red.

Curvy figure, too much weight, and great boobs

I have been told I look similar to Shannon Doherty, Katya Whatever her name is on Castle, as I have high cheekbones and very "English" features. According to others.

If you're on my fb - you can see LOTS of pictures of me (and my kids and my hubby and various friends LOL)

Oh and I have several tattoos... Yin/Yang with flames around it - my freedom tattoo (ask me about it), a rose with a start beside it on my ankle and on the same leg as the rose, I have a vine with 4 flowers - Waterlilly for my oldest, Carnation for my daughter, Lily of the valley for my 11 year old, and astor for my youngest - along with their birthdates. That one is the start of a body vine tattoo that will end just alongside my left breast.
Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate
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