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Default Penis size and sexual enjoyment.

Hello everyone.

I am a long time lurker, posting for the first time. I have a question, but first some context.

I am involved in a primary relationship with a woman, and we both have secondarys as well.

For X or Y reason, recently, we have both spent a lot more time with our secondaries.

This week we set it aside to reconnect with each other. However, we came across a problem.

Her secondary is VERY well endowed. From what I understand, the term "Monster" can be applied. I am average.

This is not a question of insecurity. We already got past that.

The problem is, since they have been spending a lot more time recently, thus sleeping together a lot more, she is very stretched out. VERY.

To the point that when we tried to make love, we had a hard time feeling each other. It was a very hurtful experience. We both ended up crying and unsure of what to do.

Now, the physical aspect is simple enough. She just needs to not sleep with him for a while to get back to her normal size. Not a big deal.

However, it has left us with a deep emotional scar. We have had a hard time reconnecting since then, and it has been a struggle to be comfortable with any physicality.

On my end, of course, I am somewhat apprehensive to be inside her again, for fear of not being able to please her. She feels the same towards me.

Any advice on how to proceed with this? Obviously she will continue her secondary relationship, and I fully support this - I just don't know what the best way for us to proceed will be.

Thank you in advance for anything you might have to say. This forum has been a fantastic source of information for a while now.
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