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I'd like to jump in here. New the board and love the idea of this thread. Ive been trying to loose some weight for a while now. Im not really that heavy but I am over weight and bigger then I use to be so Im not happy. Im 5'2 and weight about 160-165 depending on the time of day or month lol. Id like to be at 140. Id need to be atleast 132 I think to be the weight dr's say I should be I guess (but I think thats kinda small for me). Before I had kids I was 135 that was a long time ago.

I've cut out all soda, its been over 5 months now and Ive lost about 10 pds. I started at 170ish. I dont weight myself often and dont have a scale in the house that works. I mainly go by my clothes that I need to get back into.

I use zumba on the wii for a workout.
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