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I appreciate you're input. We've talked and I've tried to explain to him how i feel. I know a lot of this stems from insecurity as well as not fully grasping what poly really is about. He's also told me that once I meet her things will be better all around for all of us.

Considering that its never even been a thought in my head until a few months ago i guess feeling insecure is fairly normal. Generally I'm a pretty secure person and I've never been the type to get jealous. I am finding however that this is a pretty new concept for me and is going to take some getting used to as well as a lot of communication.

On to my next question. Seriously is there anything I should expect in what gets discussed? Is there any questions I should be prepared for that normally come out when meeting? I do want this to work and i want to be sure that I don't have a faux pas. I've tried to do a search on initial meetings on the net but my results that are coming back aren't helpful.


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