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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Sometimes just a few more words help. In general, women need too hear and use more words, where men are usually ok with one or two word answers and/or a grunt or two . I would just suggest know your audience. I have the opposite problem, I use too many words
I didn't literally mean 2 words. =P But as few words as is possible. If they can't understand what you mean in a single sentence, try a second sentence. I always try to adapt the way I speak and write to suit whoever I am talking with too. Some words, people just won't understand. Like polyamory for example. Not many people know what it is. So using just that word to explain wouldn't mean anything to most people. So you would perhaps say multiple meaningful relationships, or for the sake of avoiding a large amount of questions [I actually enjoy questions though!], maybe you'd say you were in an open relationship. Difficult word that most people don't understand, into a description that most people can understand.
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