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Hmmm, lessee....

I am 5'6", curvy, long-legged, and pear-shaped with a little bit of a belly. I am right in the middle between the smallest Plus size and the largest regular Women's size.

I have longish wavy hair that is brown/gray (mostly gray), and green/hazel eyes. My nose is kind of big, but turns up at the end, sorta, and I have a space between my two front teeth and high round cheekbones. My peachy complexion always gets me attention - I'm just lucky in that regard! I am 51 but am regularly told I look under 40. Again, good genes there. All the women on both sides of my family hardly ever wrinkle and always look much younger than they are.

Through the years, I have been told I look like Sally Field, Diane Keaton, Linda Blair, Madeleine Stowe, and Debra Messing - all women with high cheekbones. Shorty used to tell me I look like Scarlett Johansson. The only one I agree the most with is Sally Field. But then, not really.
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