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This is from the "how we work" thread and I thought it was some interesting stuff to add here. =]

I think most people will treat others like they treat them. Although, I generally prefer to deal with hostility by giving sarcasm back. I love to play mind games with them too. If they can't treat me nicely, I may as well have my fun.

I enjoy large groups, because there will always be someone else doing the talking. One on one, there is always a great chance that neither of you will have anything to talk about. I do actually like just sitting in silence, but most people find it to be awkward.

I'm quite open when people do engage me in conversation though. Even though I don't enjoy starting a conversation, I love listening and replying to questions. The more thought out and interesting the question, the more I'll put into my answer. I never lie either.

I feel I have quite a dominant personality and I'm really damn stubborn! I love for things to always go my way. But I try everyday to change that. It's not something I like about myself. I feel there are times i really need to step back and not get involved. It's difficult.

I try to make the most difficult things simple. I hate when people try to use big fancy words when it would have been quicker and easier to understand in 2 words. I don't want to read an essay, I just want to understand. I believe it was Einstein or someone around his time that said "An intellgient person can be seen as one who can explain the most difficult things in a simple way." Intelligence is sexy!

Speaking of which... The things I find most interesting, I will always study, even in my free time. I don't need to be forced into education to learn the things that interest me. That's one thing I hate about the education system. But that's for another thread.

LR said "If I'm not careful it comes off like I don't care, when that's not at all the case."
I am just like this. I like to be honest and to the point. It often upsets people, because they think I just don't care. But what makes it harder is, even when I tell them honestly and straight that I DO care... They don't believe me.

I like to keep busy. If I didn't have people to talk to and things to do, I would not be able to be as happy as I always try to be. As long as I'm busy, I am happy. Hopefully I can add to that when my music studio comes into fruition!

Feel free to ask if you want to know more.
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