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I'm 6 foot, have long hair [almost 3 foot long]. It's dark blonde. I have blue eyes, which sometimes turn green or grey. My nose is quite large compared to the rest of my family. My legs are 3 foot long. I am not a very hairy guy, but the top of my legs has the most of my body hair. I can't actually grow a full beard yet, but maybe if I force it! My arms and legs are quite muscular, but I have a bit of a beer gut going on [it used to be quite nice, but I got lazy.]... I like to wear t-shirts too big for me. I wear XL, but fit into an M. I just feel more comfortable in baggy clothing. I also love combats and camo trousers. Jeans are sometimes nice, but I'd never choose them over my combats. I also wear hiking boots all the time. No trainers [sneakers?] for me.

Anything else?
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