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Default The last two weeks of my life have been INSANE!

The last two weeks of my life have been INSANE! In a good way. Let me start by introducing myself, name is Robin and I always felt "out of place" for a lack of better words to describe the way I handle relationships. I am awkward, ALWAYS so if this sounds weird, I am sorry haha I am 28, from NC... moved out of the country for a few years and now I find myself in New England and surrounded with people who accept me for who I am and have similar outlooks on life, politics, relationships etc... A few of the people I have met up here introduced me to ideas about relationships that I find more and more close to what I have felt for a really long time but was klind of scared to just say it out loud...................

So here is a little background on what is going on with me now. I have been with my husband on and off since we were in high school, we got married, decided to dabble in a little bit of swinging... All was well, no jealousy or anything at all. Open communication, honesty, no one does anything the other does not approve of.

I just hit a major realization a few days ago and I am not sure how to feel about it. I met someone who I was really sexually attracted to, and also friends with. (no plans of an emotional relationship with this person at this point had even been dreamed of). Told my husband about it and he told me to go meet up with my friend and let him know how I feel... We talked, then texted and made kind of an agreement to continue hooking up as long as both of us are ok with it and see where it goes. I made it very clear I wanted no emotional ties at all before it started.

Now I think I may be interested in maintaining a relationship with someone other than my husband, something I had never really thought of before.

My husband was the first to notice that me and my "friend" may have some kind of feelings for eachother, so now I am trying to figure out what those feelings are, how to let the "friend" know without freaking him out, and from that point decide where the heck we want the relationship to go from here...

oh man I got more than I bargained for... any advise is much appreciated

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