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I saw the heading and being the forever student had to learn more. I find it wildly funny that the organizers thought this would solve their problem. 1) I would be surprised if all police personnel believe slutty attire fuel rape attacks. My guess alcohol plays a much larger role. Most likely a couple of out of touch opinionated old timer treated someone poorly which started this snowball rolling. 2) the people who would perpetrate such a horrible crime are not going to respond to a protest march.... in fact they may go to spot their next victim. 3) do the women who participated in the walk really want to be known or called sluts ..... I could see young college guys going to see who's easy at 2am. Its like the bra burning in the 60's or 70's .....all they got out of it where saggy ugly one else was regarded as a joke. Now I can't turn on the tv with out see some miracle bra or ah bra infomercial. That could be there target market aging women's lib-ers.

I agree with mono in heeding the warnings of law enforcement. I'm sure the cops would tell a car load of rich white kid in a new BMW that going to Harlem to drink with the brothers is also a huge mistake. Or a biker bar... they can be tricky sometimes as well. An old cop friend of mind told me many years ago nothing really good happens after midnight...especially around bars.

I wonder if New Orleans has a much higher number of rapes during mardi gras?.....outside of the increase in population for the event. The sicko's might see boob flashing as slutty behavior and a invitation.
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