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Default struggling today

Alot going on in my life...outside of poly stuff. Seems things are perpetually in crisis mode somewhere for me. Had a good talk with 2rings lastnight that eventually calmed my anxiety about these other happenings- although prior to that I was a raving maniac about an annoying occurence that was just the straw breaking the camels back.

There is a problem I need to address with myself, and him. Rolling it around in my head before I put it out there. But he works really hard for both of us. This I know.

KT ok'd a meeting with his mom! Very excited and grateful. Thank you KT it was pretty special for me. We are supposed to go and do something together, the three of us this week. Not sure if it is just cook dinner and hang out, or actually go out. I prefer the former. We'll see. Still on the break of sorts one on one-hoping that changes soon.

Ahhhh. Control issue rearing its ugly head!
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