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Originally Posted by berserker239 View Post
...Its called Karma. Its part of my religion. Pet peeve alert for me is to put down my religion. My childhood was taken from me, so yes the world DOES owe me something. XYZ had alot MORE taken from her, the world DOES owe her something.

I guess you didnt know so i wont get mad, but now you know. Dont knock my religion, it means more to me than anything. You may believe that your entitled to nothing, but it helps me sleep at night knowing that watching alot of people die in front of my eyes wasnt for nothing. That good things WILL happen to me. That the things ive done will be repayed with good and bad. It made me into what and who i am today, who are you all to tell me thats wrong?
Obviously I struck a fundamental cord. Sorry for that. But I do still have an issue with anyone or belief that the world owes you something. Just like I have issues with my roman catholic background in some areas. Sorry man, I'll let this go and move on...this is one of those conversations that leads to negativitiy and I do that very well when I chose to.

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