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Hey Ryan,

Yea, NRE changes the flow - for a time. Best thing to do is just sit tight and ride it out. Never lasts forever - or even very long in many cases.

How would you react if you were a friend/bystander ? Probably grin and tease a bit eh. Might be good to try to adopt the same plan here

Secondly, make sure you keep focus on being the best "you" possible - focusing on the things that attracted her to you in the first place. Worst thing you can do is to develop an 'attitude' - negative. That will only drive a wedge further between you.
As for the sex, that varies. She will probably be more sex inclined with you as her closeness with you grows. People's sex drives vary and she may be more satisfied at the moment - or more drained - with all the NRE energy being spent. Just be careful you don't push sexuality towards the obligatory side. Don't try to make her feel guilty for 'neglecting' you etc. It's not HER responsibility to keep you satisfied - it's yours. Hard as that may be. Playing the victim will only make it worse.

Hard as it may be if you ride this out awhile you will see things level off. Once they do you'll be in a position to decide better whether the relationship will offer what you want. You can choose a course at that time. In the meantime, keep your options - and eyes, open.

Good luck.

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