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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Do you have any concrete answers on how to go about finding these men before they offend and how to educate and rehabilitate them? Of couse prevention by taking away the risk is the best possible answer I'm just having a really hard time seeing how it's at all possible.
Oh geez, I am not talking about finding specific people and rehabbing them. I am talking about fixing societal attitudes that create such twisted thinking. We need to instill a reverence for women and humanity in people from a young age, so that no male person ever thinks they can rape, so that sex and sexuality is not mixed up with ideas of good and bad, so that equality among men and women is such a way of life across the board that no one feels the need to forcibly exert power over another, and to stop shaming, medicating, and warehousing those who would have mental imbalances and who would potentially do harm. The problem is endemic in society and it requires a total global shift in attitude and perspective. Some ways to change that is to stand up against what has been allowed to go on thus far.

Also, I never said women should not learn self-defense. It's just that that does nothing to solve the kernel of the problem.
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