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Punctuation, please! Your post will gather a much larger potential for answers if you take two extra minutes to edit it properly.

Originally Posted by ryanwer View Post
My fiancee and i have been together now for just over 3 years. Sure weve had some issues but all relationships do. Now i'd like to start off by saying that i my self am not actually pol,y though in a way a would be if you get what i mean. Anyways our relationship has all in all been amazing. I would never regret or trade a day ive spent with her, but a few months ago she opened up to me about being poly.

At first i didnt know what to think. I reacted by saying "forget it screw you were done". That was just stupid so talked alot about it. I told her i would try for her, for us. I dont want to lose her. I love her very very much and she knows that. Now ive seen some other ppl on this forum talking about NRE. I understand what it is and theres alot of it going between her and her new guy, which is hard for me to handle, possibly because she spends most of her time on the road with him. He's a long haul trucker, i maybe see her twice a week now if im lucky.

Now i (or i guess its we when talking about poly), so when we agreed that we would give this is try casue its me thats having issues with this. I mean we spent almost 3 years with just us. We were set to be married, ready to live our life, then she opens up with this. When the two of us spend time together it is great for the most part, but theres a couple problems that i just dont understand and i need to know if these happen on average.

So first off our sex life has all but died. She has sex with him - no issues, but her and i? Once in the past 2 months ,when it used to be all the time. It is getting better though, but slowly. So is that normal? Does NRE usually kill the sex life of the primary (me)?

And the other thing i would like some advice on is how to properlly support her. I mean ive gone this far as to agree to it willingly, casue i want her to be herself and be happy. But is there more i could do? Is there somethings that i shouldn;t do or talk about? Thats my biggest worry, that im just not being as supportive as i could be, ya know?
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