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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Note for clarity: 'cuckhold' is originally meant to be a derogatory term. Now its more a humiliation/submission thing. Meaning 'forced' to watch, participate, or be humiliated by the wife having sex with others.

Men who enjoy their wives being elsewhere, experience a sexual surge in a alpha-like reclaiming of their spouse. This is a lot different then a cuckhold fetish,...This situation sounds more like the latter of the two.
Thanks for the clarification!

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
...this woman has served as your healer, in much the same way as a revered Temple Prostitute from ancient times, soothing and nurturing a man's broken body and spirit with sex. Sometimes people come into our lives for specific reasons and are not meant to be more than that. Sex can be simply a form of communication and connection between two people -- and quite healing -- and you can have a loving quality to your friendship, but perhaps letting deeper feelings grow toward her would not be wise.
My meager experiences with this type of healing concur strongly with what Indie wrote. In my case it was definitely for the better that the relationship was limited in duration, and both new it beforehand, so there were protections in place for too intense feelings developing.
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