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Default the outsider in an open marriage

Hi all
I am the third person in an open relationship, meaning that the woman I am involved with is married. We were involved as teenagers and then grew apart and had different relationships. She got married and has been with her husband for 8 years (4 of those married.) They have both cheated on each other in the length of their marriage. As our friendship grew closer she told me they had decided to have an open relationship and I jumped at the chance to be involved with her again. After a few months and getting used to sharing her we have settled on a nice rhythm. She and I are in love and her husband knows it, and he also has a girlfriend. Going in to this I knew I would have to share her and I am pretty open minded when it comes to sexuality and life style choices, but sometimes I am jealous of her husband. I want to spend more time with her and have more than just occasional meetings that we work around her marriage. What do I do? I love her and she makes me happy, but I also know her husband makes her happy and that she loves him too. How do I balance what I want and not lose what she has and loves? Anybody out there ever in the same position ?
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