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I have two ear piercing in each ear with a third at the top on one. I have my hood pierced and did have a navel piercing. It just would not heal. I have a fairy tattoo in my lower back...I'm Irish and this one spoke to me and Gator said she reminds him of me, a phoeniz tattoo that covers my right shoulder blade for all the things I've been through...each stage of my life whether good or bad that I've lived through and the growth I accomplished, a replica of a trinity knot found in one of Gators tattoos and a sun that Tech designed similar to one he has. The tattoos from my men are on my left foot.

I can't think of any piercings I plan to get but wouldn't mind a few more tattoos. I would like one on the inside of my wrist and the back of my neck. What I choose to get in each place will have to mean something to me. All the others do and represent something for me.

Gator has three tattoos. He is Scottish and the first one he got was his clan's badge. He has a very lovely Celtic knot tattoo in the form of a unique cross. And his last...on his inner arm of a heart that resembles the one Kitten has with a cherry blossom in the middle. The blossom comes from the ones around my phoenix tattoo.

Tech has many tattoos. On both arms but the kicker is the full back tattoo that is still a work in progress.

Kitten has the least with two. The heart she has over her heart that she got because her ex said she didn't have a heart and the exact replica of the middle part of Gator's knot/cross tattoo.

We like the artwork of tattoos and often see some on others unique enough to ask about.

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