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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I am wondering about her husband's fears that you will develop a romance. Is that something he told you directly, or did you hear it from her? Although I am always at odds with this mindset of men letting their wives be physical with someone as long as they have no emotional involvement, which is really closer to swinging or an open marriage than polyamory (which is all about the love!), it seems like you are saying that you still view it as a friendship that has a physical/sexual component.
This is something I learned from watching him and hearing what he is talking to her about.

I think he is afraid of this mostly from being around his wife and seeing how she reacts to me when I call or say hello.

The level of friendship is such that some people asked about us even before we were seeing each other so its easy I think for him to see that and think there is a romance going on.

I think to an extent he is right. This is not something I feel like I could do with any woman and there is a deep emotional attachment on my part for her, first out of our friendship and lately out of the willingness on her part to want to be sexually involved with me.

I hope that makes sense.
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