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Actualy finding my independance is what helped saved my marriage. Things with Karma and I are amazing. He still feels needed, there are just somethings I need my husband for .

It is about balance. But I can't really give you much on it, it just kind of happens for us. Karma missed the woman he met. The one who could take on the world. The difference is, I think, that I have learned to ask if he wants to come along. I've learned to mesh the independant me with the married me.

I've learned to ask for help when I need it, and to do what I can do and what I enjoy doing alone. I don't depend on Karma to be my only source of entertainment, but I still enjoy our time together. I would be content spending the majority of our time together, so I let him take the lead on that. If he makes plans to go out with friends or on a date, then that is when I make plans to me stuff. It was to apoint where even if I was studying I wanted him home. Why? Now when I have homework, I consider that me time as well and he gets kicked out of the house for a few hours.
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