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Originally Posted by rubyslippers View Post
keep this thread going...! it feels like a chat around a campfire...
Hey, pass the marshmallows, I'm carved some sticks for us...
So does anyone have a good ghost story or songs for the campfire. I was a Girl Scout for many years and sat around a few campfires. I have also danced around a few but sure, the Girls Scouts would not approve of that To share more about me... I had a great childhood. I am a only child and have a close relationship with both my mom and dad. The move to Seattle is going to be a wonderful part of my journey in life. I have two friends of 27 years that I call my sisters living there and will be moving in with the older of the two. I belive as long as I am alive I can always grow. For me the key is to have a opened mind and heart.
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