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Default The ethics of on-duty cops

Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
The flip side of the issue of police telling women that they are basically asking for rape by dressing like "sluts" is that it gives the impression that if a woman dresses conservatively that she is not at risk of sexual assault. This can lead to a false sense of security and a lack of vigilance to her surroundings.
Interesting you mentioned 'police.'

Here's a very recent article pertaining to two on-duty Chicago cops having consentual sex with an intoxicated woman, but then it got out of hand at her apartment - which led to a sexual assault case. There's no denying they offered her a ride home because she was walking alone at night near Cubs Wrigley Stadium. There's no denying she slept with each of them, and there's no denying a neighbor saw one of them running out half naked but forgot to take his cell phone with him.

Does that make her a slut? Some of the media says yes (based on how they word their stories.)

Does she have a sexual assault case? The neighbor reported she was running from her apartment, screaming. Plus, the cops have been stripped of their powers for having participated in sexual acts on-duty...

Just a few posing questions - just a continuance of this interesting topic...

Chicago SunTimes Newspaper:
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