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Originally Posted by moonandstars View Post
this irritated me in the beginning on this forum, but i understand that each topic brings up so many other things that one wants to respond to, that sometimes the OP is the third person. i understand, but I appreciate the apology and I still feel as though I am in the room
but it actually does feel weird when others discuss MY problem; but I guess that can help find insights as well.

i actually really appreciate the discussion, i would never have thought that this forum could help me that much to make my thoughts clearer and that you would take me that serious. thanks - YOU ARE ALL REALLY WONDERFUL!
I think sometimes many of us start typing and "thinking aloud" so to speak. Please don't take it personal. I've really enjoyed speaking with you and about the situation you are dealing with because it really as helped me clear my head about some of the things we are dealing with as well.

I actually asked my husband to read your posts last night because I thought your story, your responses, your words and all the info mixed up between from the rest of us was very insightful and helpful.

I hope you stick around and we can build some friendships on here!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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