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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I'm sorry, but the way all the salacious details were presented here make me suspect this story is a sexual fantasy. First, dismembership fetish, and then a cuckolding fantasy ("cleanup duty?" hmm), complete with jealousy about "feelings" developing?

I hope I am wrong, but somehow my bs meter is pinging wildly.
Mags, I had the same doubts (although I never imagined anyone could have a dismemberment fetish), especially because it is so well-written. At first, I wondered if it had been gotten off the internet somewhere - but I decided to give the poster the benefit of the doubt, and offer some kind of supportive response while still having some reservations about it.

And actually, I hope it is a complete fabrication (although posting here for help with a fake story is not very honorable), because I'd hate to think that something like what the wife did is real!
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