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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
HML, violet and Anne-I'm not sure why you are calling your relationship a triad when it seems it's a "V?"

It seems that you have a "V" relationship which means that Anne is not a "unicorn." Which means that she is different from Ceoli.... I might be wrong on this, but I haven't heard you say anything about your love for her in terms of romantic love and connection....
Just to clarify for everyone, we are indeed a triad. I've been focusing mainly on my own problems without stating how I feel for Anne. She and I are DEFINITELY romantically involved. I love her very, very much. Because the relationship is still young, I don't feel AS strongly for her as I do for HMA, but that will come in time. She's on the same page - she and HMA have an established friendship and a stronger relationship with one another than she has with me, but she's very much as in love with me as I am her - if not more so.

She and I go on dates, have sex, have long conversations and everything else that goes along with being in a relationship with just the two of us. We consciously do our best to make time for just one another, so that our relationship can bloom and we can solidify the romantic connection between us.

I tend to forget to mention the positives within our relationship - I'm having so many little issues and so worried about discovering new "filaments" that we may trip over that I'm just being a space case.

So yeah. Didn't mean to ramble (I'm sooooooo sleep deprived today...), but to clarify, we are indeed a triad!
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