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I heard the whole police officer comment before, and think it could be heard two ways. The police are theoretically there to defend us, keep us safe, inform us. So when we hear information from them it could be seen as for our own interest and protection. The voice of authority on what the news on the street is.

The thing is that some people have not been treated well (or have heard others who have been treated well) by the police and have no confidence in the information passed on. They will see information as negative and to be untrusted no matter what the intention is coming from the police. That is real and valid for them.

So what to do? I think that it is important to pass on messages to the public in different ways and with a certain attitude. Saying, "if you dress like that, you are going to get raped you stupid slut," is different than giving information like "hey, there is a rapist around right now that targets women dressed _this_ way," or "it is thought by some men that women who dress _this_ way are sexually available regardless of verbal consent." All in the delivery of the message no?

It was unfortunate that the officer in question became emotional about the situation and was frustrated that some women don't seem to get it. There are some people that would love to tie it all up in a nice little bow just how they would like in order to make the world *perfect.* That is a human trait no? I think the officer in question needs some stress leave and a course in approaching the public or something. I don't everything about it perhaps there is more to it... but from my outside perspective this is my thought at the moment.

If nothing else the whole thing has caused people to talk, talk is good, debate is good, questioning is good; even titties on the streets of Toronto is good... I'm sure a lot of men/people enjoyed the display and all "walks" that occured after, but not necessarily because of the confusing message it sent, but because there were titties on the street!
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