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RP, I know you know this, but that is Real Life, and grownups deal with this shit.

Having other people impose their negativity ON YOU is one of the things that has put me in my "I don't like people" mindset. If I want to be negative or cynical, I can find all that within for a lot less effort.

I have been going through this process recently where, instead of purging or avoiding all negativity, I have been embracing and exploring it. Not that I have always been all sunshine-and-roses to begin with - HARDLY. But I am no longer buying into the idea that negative thoughts or feelings are a waste of energy. DENIAL is a waste of energy; probably the only negative midset there is is DENIAL. I have heard that there are only two emotions, love and fear. I don't even think fear is a bad thing, only denial of fear.

Unfortunately, I am still in the middle of this journey and do not have sufficient vocabulary at my fingertips to do justice to a written account (yet).

I also have to start getting ready for our last camping trip this weekend
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