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Default Couple new to site, not to poly

I am the Female of a M/F couple, and the one that found the site.

We live in North Little Rock, AR and have been together for about 3 1/2 years. We will be getting married in November!

He is a admin on the site Unfortunately, being one of the head admins who has to help run the site and keep the members abiding by the rules, not many people like him. After living with and dating him for over 3 years, I know that the limited amount that they see of him does not even begin to describe him as a whole.

We are both attending University of Phoenix to get our Associates, and then Bachelor's (down the road) in Information Technology; he is going for computer programming, I'm going for Web Design.

We work for a company in Houston, TX as telecommuting customer Service as well as IT when it's needed. This is great because we're pretty much on our own schedule and live 10 feet from our office!

In general, we are looking to try and find a couple that we could make a quad with, though we already know that finding people in Arkansas is not only hard, but seemingly impossible. Trying to find a mate for one of us is hard enough, let alone someone that we both get along with, and who likes us both. Perhaps it is a futile quest, but we have the quest none-the-less.

I'm not sure what else to put here aside from the fact that I uploaded some images of us (mostly me. He doesn't do pictures much).
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