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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
On the other side...
My wee little cat of 18 yrs has gone deaf,and has difficulty walking. I am experiencing such a profound sense of sadness knowing that his life is coming to a close that I can't stop crying. I'm taking him to the vet next week to see if there's anything we can do to make him more comfortable.
Aww, a couple of years ago, my dear old almost toothless cat had reached the age of 20, with a liver problem, and was losing his sight as well as control of his hind legs. My vet at the Humane Society, who was the best vet I ever could've asked for, gave us some nutritional supplements to see if he would perk up. He reminded me that most cats in the "wild" only live to six or seven years -- so I had to accept that I had given him a long and happy life, but that it was time to let him go. I lingered a bit on that decision, and he did seem to feel better with the supplements, but when he collapsed one day, we knew it was time. The vet had said, "you don't want to come home and find him having a seizure; better to put him to sleep while he's still comfortable." So, we did. I held him in my arms as he drifted off with his little tongue sticking out. That cat was a very special, intuitive little creature and had been with me through thick and thin. I stayed in bed and sobbed hard for three days straight, which the vet also told me I would do. Just like he predicted, after three days, I felt so much better. You will get through it.
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