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Default Compersion!! Grieving

Not only am I learning a new way to live and love, I'm learning a new language.

My Brother in Law (who's Poly) Just told me about this. I was discussing how I felt about his sister-my wife finally finding a.....Paramour? (dunno if that's the right word.) I'm happy for her, excited in fact that we...she actually made it happen. Not bad for a Mono guy 3 months into this.

On the other side...
My wee little cat of 18 yrs has gone deaf,and has difficulty walking. I am experiencing such a profound sense of sadness knowing that his life is coming to a close that I can't stop crying. I'm taking him to the vet next week to see if there's anything we can do to make him more comfortable.

It's important for me to know that the grief/sadness isn't poly connected. It would be easy to think or mistake my sadness over Tom as sadness for this Poly experience, when they are not in fact related. because of all the work you fine folks have had me do over these 3 months I'm starting to get my...stuff sorted out. Untangling all of these emotional threads is a damn sight harder then I expected, but the results have been awe inspiring.

Still have lots to do, but I'm getting there.


P.S. Where exactly is "There" anyway?

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