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I think that far too often people think they are unique and special. Why? Because we are taught that. Some cultures don't teach that. Some cultures teach their kids that the betterment of the whole community is what is unique and special, not individuals.

We are set up I think. As kids we are told that we are something special and then somewhere down the line we learn we are not. Its a lie and we lose our trust from that moment on.

Usually this happens in school, like when we are told to line up with all the others to go outside for recess or something. We are made into people that follow along; there is no uniqueness in that, so we clammer for it because we were told once that we are unique and still want to believe that.

We are all the same, we are emotional, all go through events similarly, we all need love, companionship, stable family lives; as much as we need food, water and shelter...

I sometimes think that if people started seeing things in terms of "we are all the same" then a lot of issues would not exist. There would be a lot more compassion for others, a lot more speaking from a heart connection rather than our minds and our ego. I think that there would be a lot more abundance in our lives than scarcity as we as a culture covet what we think is ours...

We are not special. What is special is our ability to give and love without coveting love for ourselves. To be compassionate even if it seems it is at our own cost, makes us ordinary... I don't think it ever is at our own cost. It works and can be practiced... It's what I do here.
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