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Originally Posted by Karelia View Post
I very much agree with this perspective. For example, G & K are good at strategy games. I am not. It's frustrating to play them, and I feel stupid. So, this is something they share that I am not really a part of... same with jigsaw puzzles. I hate them with a passion. He had her read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I read Anthem years ago, and it was tolerable... but Ayn Rand is a pedantic writer and I just can't handle her dense books. I decided it was okay for them to have this without me... but there were times when I felt a bit left out by it.

OK - Mini hijack - Ayn Rand is over-rated. She was also a paranoid Speed freak. I read the Fountainhead in high school (wasn't "forced" to, but did it for extra credit) and I did NOT identify with the "Good" main characters but rather with the rich guy who owned the newspaper for some reason. Thank goodness I learned to smoke pot shortly thereafter. I also forced myself to read "We the living" because it was about the Russian Revolution, but I did not receive the message(s) that the author intended to convey.

As you were.
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