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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
did you mean "world" cause I'm trying to think what "word?" "victim," "martyr," "entitled?" I hope these are the words you are trying to bang out of your head.

We all had/have our shit to deal with. Part of being a grown up is to get over it, use what we have learned and teach others that we can achieve anything. Shit, show OURSELVES we can do anything!

There is no time in life to feel sorry for ourselves because of what others have "done" to us... what matters is what we "do" to ourselves and others.

Yup, you are a lucky man to have such a woman in your life, but if you start thinking you are "entitled!" to her, you won't have her anymore.... provided she has any head on her shoulders that is.
Tell it like it is, Pep!
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