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Your boyfriend might be able to stomach "The Ethical Slut" if he is already pretty open to diversity in sexuality. I wouldn't suggest throwing that book at someone that is new to any kind of diversity though... maybe you could go to your local book store and take a peek, see if it could be useful. You can find it on line too and can even read it I think (?)
Thanks for the advice, RP. I did a quick wiki search on "The Ethical Slut" and it looks like an interesting read. J is pretty open about sexuality so he may appreciate the book. I may just stop by the bookstore this week and buy a copy instead of reading it online, that way we can have the book at home for quick referencing.

I would suggest attempting to put your emotions aside for this man and going for the opening up part of poly first. I know that is hard, but strong emotions such as lust and love can derail an otherwise reasonable process. Getting together might be really far off, so taking it one step at a time and dealing with his possible jealousy might be a start.
Yes, you're absolutely right. It will be extremely difficult for me, but it's crucial my emotions for M need to be put aside while I try to work this through with J.

If I were you I would introduce him to this forum first. Before doing anything else. There are many people here that who have asked the same questions and are in the same boat. You are not alone and will not stand out in the crowd (provided you didn't use a user name that is obvious that is).
I will mention the forum to him. Don't know how active he will be on here if he does create an account, since J has never been very active on any forums.
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