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Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
I'm not going to bother lecturing him though, since I doubt it will do any good. He was clear from the start (had written "attached" in his profile) and will likely just look for someone else who is willing to cheat. Lessons learned? Screen more carefully, now that I know my limits and more of what I do and don't want
thanks all
The process of dating and meeting new loves is fun and exciting but can tedious and time-consuming if it doesn't work in your favor. I read the whole thread - and it appears that you were really wrapped up in him, which made you feel a little insecure because he wasn't as communicative with you. But as time wore on, it seems you realized he was just into the lay - and you weren't. I can relate because that has happened to me. Am I reading that correctly?

To the skilled cheater, talking is simply initial foreplay. If the talk doesn't quickly turn into action, then they'll leave as quickly as they arrived. They'll move on to the next conquest in hopes to achieve that desired result before you have time to understand what just happened - or didn't happen. It's crappy, but it's reality. The lesson learned is to not jump into bed until you know exactly what you want or don't want from that person.

Good luck!
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