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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
TL, don't compromise! You know you won't attract what you're looking for if you say it's only FWB. Don't let impatience to find lovers change the things you want. If you want love, look for love and don't accept less. The ones who aren't afraid of that will be worth any long period it may take to find them.
Cindie, You ever watched the movie "Friends with Bennifits" yet? Pretty funny flick about a man and a woman who hook up, and decide to make it a regular thing, but keep it sinmply as a friends with bennifits thing, and no "love" or "commitment". They find out, after a long period, that it simply doesn't work that way. After a person, or persons, are together for a long period of time.....They develop feelings for each other. The longer they are together, the more those feelings develop. It's natural.

We tell people we are looking for FWB's, and that we are "open" to the idea of a "relationship" type thing. Then USUALLY, they will say they are open to that idea also. Even if they aren't sure what it is. LOL So it takes a while to build up to this type of relationship I guess. But is that any different than a single person dating? A single person may date 3 or 4 people at the same time. Experiencing sexual relations with all of them. However, because I'm married and in a open committed relationship, I am supposed to be different?
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