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I think that jealousy is a natural emotion and most people in any relationship have to deal with it. For me, I realize that the jealousy is usually due to my own insecurities. I am VERY insecure even when it comes to friendships. But I also think that jealousy is something to be dealt with and overcome, rather than given in to. I have never been in a poly relationship yet and I'm not sure how I'll do this until I'm in the situation, but honesty is key here. All partners involved should be able to discuss it with their partners. Working through the jealousy on my own is also a big thing for me, but that will be different for everyone. I know that my jealousy issues are caused by me 99% of the time, so if a partner is legitamately making it worse... I am not sure how I would deal with it. Honesty has been a huge thing for me lately so ideally I would stick with that, but who knows for sure...
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