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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
The "us" is women. That is what makes your line of argument support an inherently unjust system. The "reality" is that men (NOT all men, and NOT even most men.. but the huge majority of rapists are men) rape women (NOT only women, but mostly), and that rather than examining the culture that supports/condones this, and rather than telling men to stop raping women, we tell women to "make decisions based on the reality around them," to understand that it's not safe for them in certain situations and that they should 'protect' themselves. This, to me, is unjust, and telling women that "it behooves" them to "avoid the stimulus" perpetuates this injustice. (Statistics show that what a women wears, her age, her body type, etc, bares no relevance to whether or not she will be raped. There is no identifiable "stimulus" for them to avoid, besides being born a woman in a world where men are taught that they are entitled to the bodies of women.)
You brought up a great point - women will be assulted or raped regardless of what they wear or do. Women don't walk around asking to get assulted or raped - it comes to them in the strangest of locations - and without warning.

This may be hard to read, but I was molested twice as a child by two different male family members on two separate occasions in my life. We went to court for one of them. Both are dead now, and someday I'll take the journey to GA and AZ to 'piss' on their graves. Forever mark them as pedophyles for all to see. Then as a teenager after telling my teenage boyfriend to stop, he continued on for quite a long time until he was satisfied. This I consider non-consentual, too, because I feared he'd beat me if I pushed him off.

My point is that I don't think it matters what girls or women wear or do - if the man wants to push himself onto her, he will.

It is society who needs to focus on training the boys in school to become respectful men in society. And speaking first hand, I don't see that happening in schools in the near future at all. Adminstrators avoid it like the plague. They don't address the issues until after it has happened. Therefore, the responsibility is left to the parent(s), but unfortunately the parent(s) who aren't teaching their sons to respect women are the ones who weren't trained by their parents... and thus the nasty cycle continues...

The man might spend some time in jail, lose his job, his family, or face public embarassment, but it is the females who pay the lifelong price... depression, self-doubt, lack of self-worth, confusion, shyness, meeting the wrong partners, and participating in potentially unsafe lifestyles...

Only a strong, consistent support team with some sort of therapy provides immediate relief for the female - but it can never truly be erased from her mind - the man/men already did the damage...
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