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Originally Posted by Alan1969yes View Post
Vixen doesn’t really have the time to devote to me in the immediate future (maybe only once a fortnight) & is therefore happy for me to also be with Red, to “make sure I don’t get too lonely”. Vixen says she sees Red as her “agent” in looking after me while she, Vixen, cannot. But Vixen tells me that she doesn’t see this as a “forever” arrangement and that she is not poly, and will eventually want me to give Red up, once she (Vixen) can devote more time to me.
Screw being gentle, I am going to be blunt. That is just fucked up.

Why should you give up Red, if you have feelings for her? Why would Vixen think she can dictate who you love? It is simply selfish and unreasonable for her to say, "Well, it's okay for you to be involved with her while I have no time for you, but when I'm ready, you better snap to it and only be with me!" What bullshit. I wouldn't stand for that kind of callous selfishness.
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