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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
This is an odd blanket statement. It's not the structure, but the people involved that create stability. Any structure can work if the people involved invest fully in the relationships.

That would only work if you were a bi or pansexual single poly, of course.

I totally agree with you that any structure can work and it is all about the people investing in the relationship that makes it work.

I do believe that a triad does Not require sex for memebers to be in a triad.

For example, when I had two boyfriends, we aimed to become a triad, not a V. We ended up somewhere in the middle.

No, our aim was not for the men to have sex, it was for them to develop a brother-like friendship based on trust. To me, the term "involved" does not require sex, just a relationship. Or at the very least, mutual respect and cooperation with scheduling.
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