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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
I just wanted to bump this topic up as a few of the other threads had mentioned that "evil" book that Mono hates (Ethical Slut) and I was curious as to what books other people have found that are "better" or maybe that focus more on the emotional and other parts of a poly relationship besides the sex, which I agree, ES does seem to focus on. Wow! What a run on sentence! Bad me!
Honestly, most of the books I've read I've found less than useful from my perspective, though they may be useful for others. Mainly, it's because they offer a bird's eye view of poly relationships and don't offer much practical day to day, nuts and bolts advice. But also, they all seem to be written from the perspective of couples who are moving from monogamy to polyamory or for couples who are already poly and that simply doesn't apply to my situation. Poly singles aren't really on the radar.

My friend Franklin (from is writing a book on polyamory and trying to get it published. I may be biased, but I suspect it'll be more useful for me than most of what's out there.
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