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Originally Posted by Senga View Post
Any relationship such as a couple, triad, quad, (or any dynamic where all the people are interacting with the others ) has much more potential structure to encourage stability than a V, or N dynamic where there is room for misunderstanding, miscommunication, third wheel, left out of the loop, considered secondary not primary etc etc...
This is an odd blanket statement. It's not the structure, but the people involved that create stability. Any structure can work if the people involved invest fully in the relationships.

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
. . . for a single poly, the easiest way to kick start your poly life is to get involved with an established couple. Which, in a way, I think it is. There is a surprising amount of straight-male-bi-female couples out there looking.
That would only work if you were a bi or pansexual single poly, of course.
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