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Originally Posted by PixieChick View Post

and he has to BE PRESENT...and he would really prefer -- no, INSISTS -- that it's all about sex, no feelings involved. *sigh* Okay, that's not really what I had in mind, and I feel like it's a little too late now, and we've been together about 2 years and I'm feeling the old familiar impulses the CHEAT -- which I hate, because I do LOVE him. I am JUST NOT MONOGAMOUS. And I can see that he will not understand, because unless I am having sex with someone, pre-approved by him, right in front of him, he is going to be all jealous and paranoid about it.
Nice to meet you. My wife and I live in Grand Rapids. I am 32, she is 28 (odd, huh?). I understand how your husband feels; I have sometimes felt this way. Of late I feel it is a matter of personal growth to let go and let me wife be who she is. She is more bi to lesbian too in some regards, and this can be a stressor for us at times, but it also opens up potential opportunities.

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